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How much longer until tipping point?

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  During the election campaign in 2009, President Jacob Zuma said on more than one occasion at election rallies, that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes. That assertion has recently re-surfaced, probably in response to the increasing realisation that the ANC is in trouble. Indeed, President Zuma himself said so in as many words last Thursday when he addressed the ANC Youth League elective (sorry, consultative!) conference in Soweto, so one must wonder precisely how long it will take for Jesus to come.

When he made the assertion in 2009, there is little doubt he meant the ANC will rule forever (as an aside, somebody ought to explain to President Zuma, that a monarch rules, whereas an elected government governs), which if you’re a Christian, should be mildly alarming, because according to the Book of Revelation (19:16), Christ will return to earth in order to cast out “The Beast”.

If President Zuma is suggesting that Jesus will not be coming back (ie the ANC will rule forever), then he may well have to answer to the elders of the Full Gospel Community Church at Ntuzuma in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, who ordained him as an honorary minister on Saturday May 5 2007.

What the president seems to forget, is that if his prediction is accurate, that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes, then he’d better hope that such advent is far into the future, because when Jesus returns, according to Revelations, it will be literally, the end of days, and the world as we know it, will cease to exist. The righteous will be saved, the sinners will die, and the ANC’s rule will come to an end. (Be careful what you wish for, President. Asserting a direct link between the tenure of the ANC and the second coming of the Lord, may well be far less desirable than you can imagine.)

If on the other hand, his prediction is a load of old cobblers, which I am inclined to believe may well be the case, then the question remains, for how much longer will the ANC rule? If I had the answer to that question, I’d be the most sought after person in South African politics, which if one considers the state of our politics, is a highly dubious privilege.

Perhaps what is most telling, is the public acknowledgement by President Zuma that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, an utterly jaw-dropping admission for an ANC President. To what extent his machinations since Polokwane in December 2007 have contributed to the current state of the ANC, and by extension, the Tri-Partite Alliance, will be fiercely debated for years to come, but I’d suggest that it has not been inconsiderable.

For the past 10 years, give or take a few days, he has largely charted the course of the ANC, and the country, and the outcome is of course self-evident.

The frequently asked and generally unanswered question is, how on earth has he stayed in power for so long? How on earth does he manage to hold virtually the entire leadership of the ANC in complete thrall, the very leadership which, at the president’s behest in September 2008, “recalled” Thabo Mbeki after the Nicholson judgement (later overturned) found that he had improperly interfered with the NPA’s prosecution of Jacob Zuma for corruption?

What the hell terrifies the leadership of the ANC so much, that they are not prepared to put the good of the country ahead of protecting President Zuma? Could it have something to do with the time that he was head of the ANC’s intelligence directorate, known as Imbokodo – “the rock that crushes”, during the struggle years?

What does he know about the top leadership of the ANC from that time, that they might not want to have made public?

Before he became ANC president, and while he faced over 800 corruption charges related to the Strategic Defence Acquisition, he on more than one occasion said that if he went down, he would take many others with him. Charges were eventually withdrawn, on what later proved to be spurious grounds, but the DA is hellbent on having those charges reinstated. We can only hope, but what are the chances?

For how much longer must the rot, which Johann Rupert recently referred to as “going bust gradually” until the tipping point is reached and we “go bust suddenly”, continue, before right thinking people in the ANC take the action that is so sorely needed, and recall President Zuma?

Written by Norman McFarlane You are reading How much longer until tipping point? articles

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