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The pot calling the kettle black

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  There is something particularly odious about a pompous, gloating hypocrite, and try as I might, I cannot find any other words to describe ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu speaking in an interview on a local talk radio station last Wednesday last. The subject under discussion was the allegation that the failed “marriage” between AgangSA and the DA was engineered by a mysterious foreign donor, who according to the self-righteous Mr Mthembu, set the agenda for the toenadering, including dictating who was to be the merged parties’ presidential candidate.

By Norman McFarlane 12 February 2014 Read Article


Marry in haste and repent forever ...

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  Marry in haste and repent forever ...Just one short week prior to this shock announcement, South Africa woke to the flabbergasting news that AgangSA leader, Dr Mamphela Ramphele, would stand as the DA’s presidential candidate in the coming election. The mayhem that ensued could be likened to the fallout that erupted when COPE (Congress of the People) formed a mere 140 days before the 2009 election.  When the initial news broke, I had one question for Dr Ramphele: What would Steve say?

By Norman McFarlane 05 February 2014 Read Article

The war clouds are gathering

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  So, “Aunty Helen” wants to beard the lion in his den, it seems – not that the lion (aka Jacob Zuma) is likely be in his den (Chief Albert Luthuli House) at the time of the bearding. And even if he were, chances are he’d stay well hidden, and dispatch one or more of minions to deal with the “cheeky madam”.

By Norman McFarlane 29 January 2014 Read Article

Malema: The phoenix of SA politics?

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  Young Julius Malema seems to have made himself popular once more, with his erstwhile master. Imagine the apoplexy that must have assailed the owner of Nkandla, when the Red Berets arrived to hand over to one of their supporters, a house they’d built, little more than a stone’s throw from the Nkandla Country Hotel and Spa?

By Norman McFarlane 22 January 2014 Read Article

Is the ANC’s cupboard really bare?

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  If you don’t vote, the Boers will come back to control us. Well, that is your karma according to the ANC, speaking in November to residents of She-shego in Limpopo, the hometown and stronghold of EFF leader and axed ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema.  Ridiculous, you’ll probably declare. How on earth is that even remotely possible?

By Norman McFarlane 15 January 2014 Read Article

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