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Four diverse politicians, same principled stand

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  Do the names Barbara Hogan and Andrew Feinstein ring any bells?  How about Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge and Ronnie Kasrils? What do these four people have in common?  Each of them has taken a principled stand on a major issue, which has infuriated the ANC. Ms Hogan was axed from Jacob Zuma’s cabinet in 2010 during a cabinet reshuffle. Her crime? Standing firm on the matter of squeaky clean governance in state-owned enterprises, for which she carried the can as minister of public enterprises at the time. She subsequently resigned as an ANC MP, and entered academia.

By Norman McFarlane 23 April 2014 Read Article


Pragmatic plans needed to deal with land reform

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  If you don’t know who Gugile Nkwinti is, you should – particularly if you have any interest in the progress of land reform in the last 20 years.  Mr Nkwinti is the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, whose department is tasked with the delicate matter of coming up with draft legislation that will address, once and for all, the emotive issue of rural land reform.  He has recently published his thoughts, in the form of policy proposals on “Strengthening the relative rights of people working the land” – and a careful read of the document largely suggests that there is a practical way forward.

By Norman McFarlane 16 April 2014 Read Article

Our corruption double standards

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  An important conference took place at Spier outside Stellenbosch last week, focusing on urban transformation. Although an official project of Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014, the issue  of corruption naturally came up for discussion, in a panel talk on Chapter 14 of the National Development Plan, titled Promoting accountability and fighting corruption.  The discussion was conducted according Chatham House rules, which means nothing said during the panel discussion may be directly attributed to the person who said it.

By Norman McFarlane 09 April 2014 Read Article

Why the ANC won’t lose on May 7

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  If you had supported a political party for decades – through thick and thin, even when it was banned, when even mentioning the name of its leader could land you in jail – would you accept that you had an emotional connection with that mparty? And if, one day, the current leadership of that party, which had played a central role in your own political emancipation, trod wilfully and consistently on the moral principles for which that party had stood, would you feel betrayed and angry?

By Norman McFarlane 02 April 2014 Read Article

Zuma: no longer squeaky clean

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  That public protector, Thuli Madonsela, feared the possibility of a hit during the time she worked on completing her office’s report into Nkandla, as reported in a national Sunday weekly newspaper, is a measure of just how ludicrous our politics has become.  Ms Madonsela did note that she did not fear a hit from any arm of government or political party, but from some ordinary citizen, motivated by the storm of resistance to her investigation into Nkandla...

By Norman McFarlane 26 March 2014 Read Article

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