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You’re gay? So what?

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  A very dear friend, of many years standing, “came out” (I use the term with reluctance) to me a short while back. I visited him at his request because he wanted to tell me something of great magnitude, face-to-face. When I arrived, he was clearly uncomfortable, nervous. We sat in his living room, a glass of wine at hand, and he visibly gathered himself to make this great revelation.

By Norman McFarlane 11 June 2014 Read Article


Too few women in the upper echelon

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  There’s no love lost between the DA and me (or for that matter, between the ANC and me), but now that Helen Zille has made her provincial cabinet less pale and less male, she seems to have stolen a bit of march on the ANC, which has recently announced an (almost)  all-male provincial premier line-up in the eight provinces that fell to the ANC’s campaign blandishments on May 7.

By Norman McFarlane 28 May 2014 Read Article

Squaring the circle

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  Things are pretty tense in North West Province right now, what with the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) insisting its members hold out for a basic salary of  R12 500, and the by now much-weakened National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) demanding that its members be allowed to return to work unmolested, but is this really all that there is to this impasse?

By Norman McFarlane 21 May 2014 Read Article

For whom the bell tolls … 2014

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  Just over five years ago today, I stood in the polling booth in an agony of indecision, pencil poised over the national and provincial ballot papers before me. For the first time since the 1994 election, I was unsure about how to disburse that most sacred of privileges: my vote. My instincts, my emotions, my heart said: “Vote for the ANC.” My head said “You cannot, under any circumstances, vote for the ANC this time.” I didn’t vote for the ANC, either nationally or provincially, but it was arguably the most difficult decision of my entire adult life.

By Norman McFarlane 07 May 2014 Read Article

An open letter to Julius Malema

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  Dear Julius Sello Malema, I write to you as a concerned citizen of South Africa.  I have lived here my entire life, and having been born in 1955, I have seen the life and death of the apartheid system, in my lifetime.  There was a time when the mere mention of names such as Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu or Nelson Mandela could, if not lead to arrest and imprisonment, at least lead to criticism and condemnation from polite white society.

By Norman McFarlane 30 April 2014 Read Article

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