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Opening one’s mouth to change feet

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I’d hate to be in Kebby Maphatsoe’s shoes right now.  Since shooting his mouth off last week, accusing Public Protector Thuli Madonsela of being a CIA plant, he has discovered just how quickly and easily in  politics one can lose friends and infuriate people, when you have absolutely no idea of how to keep a tight rein on your tongue.

By Norman McFarlane 17 September 2014 Read Article


The sins of the fathers

Lifestyle Section - Opinion


Listening to a debate about affirmative action a couple of days ago on a local talk radio station, reminded me just how complex the matter is. It is remarkably easy to say that 20 years into democracy, the time must surely have arrived when affirmative action legislation can be set aside – and irrespective of skin colour, we can all be considered purely on our merits.

By Norman McFarlane 10 September 2014 Read Article

Looking for answers in spy tape saga

Lifestyle Section - Opinion


Quite how many times a court has ruled that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) must hand over the Zuma spy tapes, I truly do not recall, but the most recent Supreme Court of Appeals (SCA) judgment, handed down last week, will hopefully be the end of this matter. The DA launched the original court action shortly after NPA head at the time, Mok-othedi Mpshe, chose to withdraw the plethora of charges pending against Jacob Zuma, on what proved to be rather flimsy legal grounds.

By Norman McFarlane 03 September 2014 Read Article

Unlikely champions

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  Watching the red-clad Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) thump their tables in Parliament, while thunderously chanting “Pay back the money!” last Thursday, was arguably one of the most transfixing moments in our politics for many a year.  The stuffy, staid atmosphere of a National Assembly dominated by a smug, overwhelming ANC majority, was shaken to its core by the unseemly, rowdy tactics of the EFF.

By Norman McFarlane 27 August 2014 Read Article

Cheques and balances – your number’s up...

Lifestyle Section - Opinion

  A cheque was deposited into my bank account about two weeks ago – which you might think is a commonplace event, and thus unremarkable. Except that it is an anything but commonplace event, and therefore quite remarkable.  I own a cheque book. It was issued to me about 15 years ago. I’ve never written out a cheque. All 40 cheques are still in the book, somewhat yellowed with age, but otherwise unsullied. And why, you might ask, do I never write out a cheque?

By Norman McFarlane 20 August 2014 Read Article

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