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Ebola: where to now?

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By the time American missionary doctor Kent Bradley had been infected with Ebola virus disease (EVD) and flown to Atlanta, Georgia for treatment on August 2, approximately 1 603 people had been infected, and 887 had died of the virus, in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. By August 4, when a second missionary doctor had been flown to Atlanta for treatment, 108 new cases and 45 deaths had been added to the growing tally.

By Norman McFarlane 29 October 2014 Read Article


Where will our nuclear waste go?

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In the last few weeks, the Department of Energy (DOE) has overseen the signing of two technology supply agreements for a fleet of nuclear power stations, one with Russia and the other with France. At least one more is to be signed,with China, and the DOE has been at pains to point out that none of these agreements constitutes an undertaking of any sort to purchase.

Rather, these agreements set the stage for the DOE, presumably with the oversight of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA), to consider technology proposals from bidding countries for the 9600Mw of nuclear generation capacity which will constitute 30% of our energy mix by 2030.

By Norman McFarlane 22 October 2014 Read Article

The Dalai Lama and President JZ

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Ring! Ring! Ring! JZ: “Hello?”

Li Keqiang: “Jacob, this is Li speaking.”

JZ: “Li who?”

LK: “Li Keqiang.”

JZ: “Oh, hullo Li, what can I do for you?”

LK: “I’m calling to ask you a favour.”

By Norman McFarlane 08 October 2014 Read Article

Lesotho: Our 10th province?

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Dear President Zuma: Our land-locked neighbour, the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, is taking up a great deal of your time, it seems.  Your deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, is also devoting considerable time and effort to the political travails that bedevil the country, in an effort to bring the warring factions together, and to end the constitutional crisis that prevails. I’m confident that you won’t take it amiss, when I remind you that we have enough troubles of our own, and suggest that you really need to refocus your attention where it belongs right now, and that is right here back home in South Africa.

By Norman McFarlane 01 October 2014 Read Article

Regrettably the ‘No’ campaign has it

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Early on Friday morning, the deathknell of Scottish independence sounded, when the “No” campaign secured a mathematically unassailable majority. There was jubilation in the streets when the announcement was made, and Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, who had tirelessly campaigned for independence, accepted defeat and called on the Scottish people to work together for the good of Scotland.

By Norman McFarlane 24 September 2014 Read Article

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