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Kick-starting dreams to reality

Written by Murray Williams

  cn_rh_murrayDEC10-2-TThe San Jose Mercury News in California tells the story best: "The inspiration was a heart-tugging news report about traumatised refugee children from Darfur living in such horrific conditions that they were kicking around rolled-up trash as an improvised soccer ball.

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Miss Frankel’s big adventure

Written by Norman McFarlane

  cn_rh_frankel2-TLast week Bolander visited a very special lass at Avontuur Estate, on the outskirts of Somerset West – Miss Frankel, the offspring of one-time SA champion sprinter Val de Ra (who kept a close eye on the proceedings), and illustrious British father, Frankel.

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An open-air office for all seasons

Written by Norman McFarlane

  cn_rh_murrayDEC3-TThese first words of this column are being written on a laptop, as usual.And this is being written at my office. It’s a magnificent office, truly. If you’d like a sneak view of my office, it’s pictured above. See my office? Splendid place. 

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Mediate, don't litigate

Written by Norman McFarlane

  cn_rh_mediate-M Coonflict is like the air we breathe. We cannot do away with it, so we have to manage it. This is the view of Centre for Rural Legal Studies operations manager, Mzukisi Mooi, expressed during a seminar on the use of mediation as an alternative to litigation for dispute resolution..

The seminar, hosted last week by Alan Nelson SC, owner of Nelson’s Creek Wine Estate in Paarl, was aimed at the agricultural sector, and the discussion afterwards  addressed pertinent issues regarding the implementation of mediation in the sector.

In the course of his presentation, Mr Nelson, an advocate with over 35 years litigation experience, explained the difference between litigation and mediation.

He said litigation is expensive, can take up to 10 years to finally come to conclusion, and even if the litigant wins with costs, commonly less than 55% of such costs are actually recovered.

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Songs as life savers

Written by Murray Williams


Songs as life savers. Let’s talk about music. Now, when someone declares: “This is the best song in the history of the world”, you’d think they’d mean it. But as my long-suffering children will tell you, this “Best Ever” title is actually owned by many songs. It depends on the where, when, occasion, mood. Hell, it may even depend on the weather.

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