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The real heroes are right before our eyes

Written by Webmaster

  Long before Tim Noakes, launching his LowCarbHighFat crusade, and trying to persuade us all to start devouring “derms”, I once asked the Prof: “Of all the adventurers you’ve worked with over the years, who’s embarked on the toughest challenge?” The Prof had worked with top athletes and sportsmen for decades, many of whom had embarked on monumental physical challenges.

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Diversity week

Written by Webmaster

  cn_rh_diversity-tDo not take yourselves so lightly, you have a role to play in our country. These were the words of South African singer, Vicky Sampson, at the opening ceremony of Stellenbosch University’s Diversity Week on the Rooiplein last week.

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Stephanie Paizee, practising her hoop turns.

Written by Orielle Berry




CoCT: Your number’s up

Written by Orielle Berry


If you’re in a predicament, or need to get help for a water, electricity, fire or medical emergency, then don’t bother dialling the numbers listed in the blue pages section of the current Boland and West Coast Telkom directory – for Faure, Firgrove, Gordon’s Bay, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West and Strand – because none of them are in service.

Instead, turn to the inside cover of the Yellow Pages section of that directory, where you will find a complete list of emergency contact numbers for the City of Cape Town which are in service.

A Somerset West resident called Bolander on Monday September 15, and shared his frustrations in trying to report a power outage in his area, by dialling the number listed for Somerset West for electricity emergencies.'

He called back later, to say that he’d tried the other numbers listed for water, fire and hospital in the blue pages, with the same result – the numbers are all out of service – prompting him to the question, “what if it had been a very serious emergency?”.

Bolander then called all of the emergency numbers listed for all of the areas, which are part of the City of Cape Town (Faure, Firgrove, Gordon’s Bay, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West and Strand), with the same outcome. Not one of the numbers listed is in service

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Rich heritage at gracious estate

Written by Orielle Berry

  cn_rh_madame-tOne could be forgiven for thinking that someone a year shy of their 90th birthday would be contemplating settling down to a quieter life, a gentler life, that possibly presents minimal challenges.

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