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Parking shake-up

Written by Norman McFarlane

  cn_rh_u3a_1-sFree parking in Gordon’s Bay, but you’ll have to pay in Strand and Somerset West... Parking in Gordon’s Bay will be free once a new managed parking tender has been implemented by the City of Cape Town, according to mayoral committee member for transport, Brett Herron.

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She wrapped our world in love

Written by Murray Williams


On the first Saturday in December 2007, there was a great gathering. At a little house in Somerset West, in a street called Penny Lane, people came from near and far. A great tangled spaghetti-bowl of family members and their spouses, in-laws and long-lost distant cousins and uncles and nieces and nephews – all multiply-removed and joyfully-reunited

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New Heights for Pebbles Project

Written by Webmaster

  cn_rh_sunflowe-tn Farthing Wood Nursery School in Somerset West has supported the Sunflower Fund for the past 14 years.

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The fight against breast cancer

Written by Webmaster

  cn_rh_pinkdrive-tSometimes I wonder whether we’re doing the government’s work, which can be a bit of an annoyance – but we cannot simply sit back and not do it because it’s not happening in the public sector, because women have no access to the kind of bare minimum treatment and protection that they require.

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The sweet songs of heritage

Written by Webmaster

  cn_rh_solms1-sClose your eyes, feel the light breeze touch your face and the sun on your eyelids, and listen.First, there is a whirring, a deep vibrational humming. Then a delicate, whispering of a reed flute. A light clattering and rattling, or plucking of strings.

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