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Jean-Pierre’s chicken roulade

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Chicken_Roulade01-tIf you've never heard of ECHO (Erinvale Care and Help Organisation), then now is the time to find out about it. This wonderfully supportive NPO, headquartered at Erinvale residential golf estate in Somerset West, hosts its annual fundraising dinner at the inner edge Lord Charles Hotel on Saturday November 16.

By Norman McFarlane 08 November 2013 Read Article


Eggs Benedict the hard way

Lifestyle Section - Food

  Eggs_Benedict-tmHaving dear daughter Alex home from her travels means that Mrs M and I have been blessed with culinary insights and influences from other parts of the world, specifically America and Australia. he returned with a love for eggs Benedict, but the real thing, with hollandaise sauce, rather than the version which I did a couple of years ago in this column called eggs Mornay.

By Norman McFarlane 31 October 2013 Read Article

A gluten-free loaf that really works

Lifestyle Section - Food

  GlutenFreeBread-tTake a close look at the loaf of bread in the picture. Looks just like a fairly rustic loaf of farm baked white bread, doesn't it? The kind of loaf you'd expect to be baked from stone ground wheat flour, not so? I've got news for you – it is anything but. After discovering a few months ago that I have a gluten and bran intolerance, I cut all foods out of my diet that contained either.

By Norman McFarlane 25 October 2013 Read Article

Healthy quinoa salad for summer

Lifestyle Section - Food

  Quinoa_Salad-tIf you can't eat wheat, or any grain for that matter that has either gluten or bran, you'll understand how desperate life can be. After discovering my gluten and bran intolerance I had to cut out all foods that include either gluten or bran. I soon discovered how desperately limiting this can be when you eat out frequently and when you work with food.

By Norman McFarlane 18 October 2013 Read Article

Kohlrabi apple salad with strawberry vinaigrette

Lifestyle Section - Food

  Apple_Kohlrabi_Strawberry_Salad-TEvery now and then, I stumble upon a supplier of foodstuffs that really deserves a mention, and not always because of my own diligence. In this instance, I owe the find to Mrs M, who went in search of organic veggies, and happened upon Vredenhof Organic Estate on the Bredell Road, outside Somerset West, just off the R44.

By Norman McFarlane 11 October 2013 Read Article

Lamb shank curry

Lifestyle Section - Food

  kleinezalze-tLast week we published the winning recipe from the Cape Winelands Cook-off that took place at Muratie Estate on September 19, between Du Toitskloof Wines and Muratie. Both recipes were outstanding, and it was a very close run thing, so it makes sense that our readers get the opportunity to enjoy both dishes as we did that day.

By Norman McFarlane 04 October 2013 Read Article

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