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Dawn of a new year

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Man_in_the_kitchen-sSomebody once said (I forget who it was), that the reason most New Year resolutions fail, is  because we’re inclined to want to make too many changes of significance at one time, and since as a species we’re generally resistant to change, we seldom succeed.

By Orielle Berry 10 January 2014 Read Article


Fab festive quiches

Lifestyle Section - Food


quiche2-tLast  Friday and Saturday saw our small West Coast community of Grotto Bay hold a Christmas market.As the saying goes, it was more about the journey than the destination, as the enjoyment formed as much a part as selling the wares – whether culinary or craft wise – all in aid of a good cause.

By Orielle Berry 19 December 2013 Read Article

Mandela seen through the prism of food

Lifestyle Section - Food


trapido-tThey say that an army marches on its stomach and that a way to a man's heart is through food. Anna Trapido's wonderfully warm and anecdotal book, Hunger for Freedom, (published by Jacana) about Nelson Mandela, is seen through the prism of food – how the small slices and the great chunks of history that made up his life were so inextricably linked to matters culinary.

By Norman McFarlane 11 December 2013 Read Article

Wheat-free ciabatta

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  cn_rh_Wheat_Free_Ciabatta02-tHaving started this journey down the road of a completely gluten- and bran-free diet, the realisation has come that creativity is an indispensable tool. After all, there is only so much that you can do with a sandwich loaf.  A delightful letter from Cathy de Beer, of Stellenbosch told me she’d taken my gluten-free dough, and turned it into a ciabatta.

By Norman McFarlane 04 December 2013 Read Article

Caprese salad

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  Caprese_Salad-sTwo weeks back, I had the great good fortune to visit Olyfberg just outside Robertson (“An age-old culinary treasure” by Orielle Berry offered a detailed report of this lovely olive farm in Bolander on September 25).  One of the top 10 oil producers in the country, it is very much a family business, run by dad Frikkie, mum Danila and son Daniel Naude.

By Norman McFarlane 22 November 2013 Read Article

Chickpea and feta salad

Lifestyle Section - Food

  Chickpea_Salad-TChickpeas, I discovered the other day, are also known as garbanzo beans, the Spanish name for this legume of the family Fabaceae, which is one of the earliest cultivated legumes. I happened upon this while researching gluten-free bread recipes, a number of which use chickpea flour.

By Norman McFarlane 15 November 2013 Read Article

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