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Spicy, crispy chicken salad

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Spicy_Crispy_Chicken_Salad-tIn keeping with my pursuit of summer salads, I realised the other day that I’ve not eaten anything prepared in a batter ever since the dreaded gluten-intolerance struck.  Well, that’s not strictly true. I have eaten something prepared in a batter, but I paid the price, as it was a wheat flour-based batter!

By Norman McFarlane 19 February 2014 Read Article


Brunch for your significant other

Lifestyle Section - Food

  valentine_brunchtmGrowing your own veggies and herbs has many pluses, not least when you’ere trying to knock up something easy and hassle free.  Take two basics like basil and tomatoes, and you’re well on the way to creating a superlative meal.  My basil, grown in a pot, is flourishing at the moment, and there’s a never-ending crop of the most beautiful bright red tomatoes groing in two bushes, which seem to have seeded themselves under the olive trees.

By Orielle Berry 12 February 2014 Read Article

Grapefruit, avocado and pecan nut salad

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recipeFEB05-tMake hay while the sun shines, someone once said – and while the sun continues to shine, I thought we’d continue with the salad regime for the time being.  That I’m also following an almost zero carb diet – I say almost zero, because I still have tomato, cucumber, peppers and onions in my salad, and green beans, broccoli, cabbage and the like with cooked meals, and they all contain traces of carbohydrate, around one to two percent – may have something to do with it


By Norman McFarlane 05 February 2014 Read Article

Stocking up on the essentials

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  pantry2-tA new year and new resolutions. In the office: I offer colleague Karen a slice of pizza that came with a wine drop, and she declines the offer. “Oh, no thanks, I’m on Weigh-less, I’m not allowed”. Hazel strolls up between the desks and Verna remarks “Gee, you have lost some weight!"

By Orielle Berry 29 January 2014 Read Article

Gluten-free waffles with berries

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  Gluten-free_waffles-tOkay, here’s the thing: I truly love waffles. Of course I can’t eat them,  because they’re typically made with wheat flour – which I can’t touch. Imagine my delight when Mrs M happened upon a recipe on the internet that, with some judicious tweaking, produced wheat-free waffles that look and taste like the real thing, and have a pretty good texture to boot.

By Orielle Berry 15 January 2014 Read Article

Healthy lunch boxes

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skewers-tWhat to put in the lunch box is the question generally asked at this time of year, as hundreds of thousands of pupils troop back to the classroom.  The natural response, of course, is sandwiches, fruit and a cooldrink of sorts. 

By Orielle Berry 15 January 2014 Read Article

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