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Bounty from the sea, supper in the oven

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Harder_done_in_the_oven01_t Mrs M and I were fortunate enough to spend the weekend on the West Coast with dear friend Danie Truter at his seaside farm, Soutkloof recently. This is the tale of where the harder came from which ended up in my oven the other night.

By Norman McFarlan 02 April 2014 Read Article


A tale of two soups

Lifestyle Section - Food


soup3-t There’s more than a definite nip in the air, and the days are getting shorter. While temperatures may peak again towards the weekend, it’s time to think of making some more heart-warming fare as autumn creeps up.  And with the increase (again) in petrol prices and the concomitant rise in food prices, soups are one of the best budget beaters around, particularly if you use beans and pulses to make them go a long way. 

By Orielle Berry 26 March 2014 Read Article

Asparagus, broccolini and sugar snap risotto

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Asparagus_broccolini_sugar_snap_risotto-tWorking with all of those lovely salad ingredients of late, has stimulated thoughts of what might come to pass when the weather cools, but they’ve been idle thoughts thus far. Until, that is, the weather rather suddenly cooled, literally in the last two weeks, Minimums of 15°C and maximums of 26°C (Thursday) herald the onset of cooler weather, leading eventually to the bite of winter.

By Orielle Berry 19 March 2014 Read Article

Chicken, bacon and mango salad

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chicken_bacon_mango_honey_mustard_salad-tThe heat seems to be here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future so, at least for the foreseeable future, salads it shall continue to be.  For some reason best known to the universe, the idea of honey mustard dressing popped into my head the other day –a Sunday as I recall, which is the day I typically start to contemplate my recipe for the following week.

By Orielle Berry 12 March 2014 Read Article

Quick picks for a picnic

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picnic1-tThursday was an impossibly hot day, but as the sun started dipping the weather became delciously balmy – and just like many other mid-summer evenings, it just cried out for a picnic at the beach or... anywhere outdoors.  Picnics mean food that is easily transportable and that can be prepared in advance. One of my favourites is a Pan Bagnat...

By Orielle Berry 05 March 2014 Read Article

Fine time for lime to dress salad

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Spicy_Crispy_Chicken_Salad-tEish, talk about salad days, but with the continuing humidity infused heat, which is beyond enervating, one’s thoughts inevitably turn to cold meals for a measure of respite. The very act of eating is enough to bring a sheen of perspiration to one’s forehead, never mind the poor cook who would have to slave over a hot stove.


By Norman McFarlane 26 February 2014 Read Article

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