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Moroccan-style pork

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  cn-rh-Pork-chops-Moroccan-styletIf you know anything about Morocco, you’ll know that the one thing never eaten there, is pork, so this recipe is clearly not Moroccan.

But Moroccan cuisine is renowned for its subtle spiciness, and its complexity of flavour, which make it so beguiling.


By Norman McFarlane 30 July 2014 Read Article


Fresh corn makes fritters sweeter

Lifestyle Section - Food


cn_rh_recipeJUN25-T Daughter Alex came up with another gluten-free winner the other day – sweetcorn fritters. Okay, so what’s so great about sweetcorn fritters you might ask?  Well, it has to do with the sweetcorn she used. No frozen sweetcorn for her.

By Norman McFarlane 09 July 2014 Read Article

Salad days

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recipeJUN18-T I had lunch on Thursday at a lovely little bistro in Franschhoek, and selected as my starter a blue cheese, pear and walnut salad. So taken was I with the combination, that I determined to re-create it myself, along with a  few twists of my own.

By Norman McFarlane 18 June 2014 Read Article

Getting into the habit of quinces

Lifestyle Section - Food

  Poached_Quince-T When my daughter Alex returned from Australia last year, she brought home with her the habit of quinces. Quinces, if you are familiar with them, are not something that one approaches lightly. Although they do look somewhat like giant misshapen pears, they taste like anything but.

By Norman McFarlane 11 June 2014 Read Article

Was Dr Atkins’ low carb diet right?

Lifestyle Section - Food


DrAtkins-T Those of you who are old enough, will remember no doubt the controversial Atkins Diet, introduced to the world in 1972, when Dr Robert Atkins published his book Dr Atkins’ Diet Revolution.  The high protein low carbohydrate diet he proposed was all the rage for a time, but when his claims about its efficacy were challenged by researchers....

By Norman McFarlane 04 June 2014 Read Article

JWinter-warming beetroot salad

Lifestyle Section - Food

  beetroot-t Somebody once told me, I do not recall who, that you never peel beetroot before cooking it. Well, that’s patently untrue.  I have a salad that I make from time to time, that isn’t your typical lettuce, tomato, pepper, cucumber and onion salad that you eat on a hot summer’s day.

By Norman McFarlane 28 May 2014 Read Article

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