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Blissful broad beans

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cn_rh_broad_bean1-tFor an all too brief period broad beans make their appearance at the end of spring. Finally the purple flowers change to pods and after impatiently waiting for a few weeks they are ready to pick.

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Sweet and juicy stuffed chicken breasts...

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A business trip to Bloemfontein back in the dark ages before I started writing for a living taught me one of the signal lessons of South African culinary peculiarity. I was running a training course for a group of motor vehicle salespeople – more commonly known in that neck of the woods as smouse – and the day’s events included lunch.

Evidently made with much love and attention by a local tannie, it consisted of rich and sumptuous lamb stew, with veggies and a salad. There was also a dish of beautifully prepared oven roasted chicken drumsticks and thighs, and a fine looking salad.

cn_rh_chicken-lI was chatting to the strapping young gent ahead of me while dishing up, and couldn’t help noticing that he dished generously of both the lamb stew and chicken portions, while warily skirting the salad bowl. “Salad?”

I  suggested helpfully, proffering the tongs, at which point he visibly paled, responding “No thank you! This is the Free State. Here, chicken is the salad!”

Thankfully, such sentiments have never rubbed off  on me, and considering how much daughter Alex loves chicken, I am constantly on the hunt for new recipes.

By Norman McFarlane

Light ’n fluffy soufflé

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My dear old mum is of the opinion that making a soufflé for the first time is a guaranteed disaster. “Oooh, my boy. Don’t be disappointed if your first one’s a flop,” she informed me solemnly the other day while we were having tea. “A soufflé is a very difficult thing to make, collapses in an instant.

Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 45 minutes Yield: 4

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Light & Easy Calamari

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  The ocean off the Peruvian coast is populated by giant squid, with tubes so thick, that strips cut horizontally from the tube walls, are up to 4cm long.

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Kitchen man does Potjie

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potjiekosThis, according to legend, is how the original, the quintessential potjie-kos recipe is said to commence...

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Desert with a Twist

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Dessert is not my favourite part of a meal, but there are certain exceptions to that rule, few as they may be.

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