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Tarragon chicken

recipeMAY23-t There can be little more rewarding than dreaming up a recipe from scratch that works first time out. Well, almost works out. A happy mistake resulted in an added twist that really contributed to the dish. It all started with “I have some shallots, now what?”

By Norman McFarlane 25 May 2012 Read Article


Seared chicken breast in spicy tomato basil sauce

chicken-t Here’s one that emerged after a sumptuous chef’s table at Terroir Restaurant on Kleine Zalze Estate last Tuesday. This is not a recipe which I nicked from Terroir’s exec chef Michael Broughton. Having eaten a magnificent lunch, I was less than keen to devote too much time to cooking dinner, but Mrs M had worked a full day and was ravenous, so I had to pull something out of the hat.

By Norman McFarlane 18 May 2012 Read Article

Bobotie with a difference

Bobotie_01-t When we moved to the Cape way back in 1998, we lived with friends in the northern suburbs while waiting to take occupation of our new home in Somerset West. One Saturday morning, we visited a coffee shop nearby, and in the course of perusing the menu (a much younger) daughter Alex looked up and asked “Daddy, what’s bobbity rice?”.

By Norman McFarlane 11 May 2012 Read Article

When the numbers have to add up

04-05-12-Weight-t I received a letter via email from Yvonne Mabbett of Gordon’s Bay the other day, in response to my “death by chocolate” brownie recipe, which deals with the matter of ingredient quantities in recipes. “I always look forward to your recipes and interesting chat that goes with the recipe...

By Norman McFarlane 04 May 2012 Read Article

Stuffed chicken breast – a real crowd pleaser

recipe-chicken-t With the price of meat escalating frighteningly, particularly beef and lamb, chicken is increasingly becoming a less expensive alternative for the family’s protein source. Other than roasting a chicken, there is only so much you can do with pieces: casserole or curry.

By Norman McFarlane 27 April 2012 Read Article

How to make real bagels

bagells-t During my visit to family in South Ogden, Utah, last November, son-in-law Adam introduced me to a Saturday morning ritual: an early rise followed by a trip to the bagel shop, via Starbucks. The coffee  is consumed while waiting for the bagel order and on the ride home, and the next cup of coffee (infinitely nicer), made at home, is enjoyed with the fresh hot bagels...

By Norman McFarlane 13 April 2012 Read Article

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