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Classic Waldorf salad

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Celery, apple, walnuts, grapes! In a mayonnaise sauce! With these admonitions, delivered in stentorian tones, Mr Hamilton – a brash American visiting Torquay with his English wife – instructs Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers in the art of making a Waldorf Salad.  The scenes preceding and following this interaction are hilarious, with Basil Fawlty compounding faux pas with successive faux pas as he tries desperately to deal with his disdain for Americans...

By Norman McFarlane 01 October 2014 Read Article


A healthy alternative: pork fillet with a cauliflower mash

Lifestyle Section - Food


A visit to my favourite pork butchery on the R44 outside Somerset West a fortnight ago resulted in two lovely pork fillets, weighing about 500g coming back home with me. Whereas many people consider pork to be an overly fatty meat, it actually isn’t at all.  Granted, pigs do have layers of fat all over the place.

By Norman McFarlane 24 September 2014 Read Article

Red Thai chicken and prawn curry

Lifestyle Section - Food


There’s chickencurry, there’sprawn curry,and then of course there’s chicken and prawn curry – somethingI’ve donebefore, but typically has been more anIndian style curry than a Thai curry. Daughter Alex visited recently for dinner, and in response to my enquiry as to what her preferred

By Norman McFarlane 17 September 2014 Read Article

Cajun spicy, seared ostrich steak

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A visit to the supermarket  the other day, sprung loose three 500g packages of ostrich meat;  fillet,  steak medallions and goulash. Somewhat at a loss for a dinner menu the other night, it was raining and cold at the time, I had a yen for something spicy so after some research, I crafted Cajun spice mix, to go with the ostrich steak medallions, and it worked a treat.

By Norman McFarlane 03 September 2014 Read Article

The comfort of chicken soup

Lifestyle Section - Food

  chicken_soup3-TIs chicken soup the ultimate panacea and answer for the worlds ills? Open the front door on a cold and rainy night and when the soothing aroma of chicken soup  enchants your nostrils you’ll feel that all seems well with the universe – as the warmth of what’s slowly simmering on the stove envelops you. 

By Orielle Berry 27 August 2014 Read Article

Spicy ostrich fillet just the ticket

Lifestyle Section - Food

  WasabiAvocadoIceCreamTempuraPrawns-tAnd just when we thought that Spring was finally on the way, the latent jaws of winter clamped shut on us last week on Wednesday. Pouring rain, freezing cold, no salad tonight, thank you very much.  Fortunately vacuum-sealed meat thaws very quickly in time of need, so the pack of ostrich fillet lurking in the freezer was swiftly in-spanned, and immersed in a bowl of luke-warm water to thaw.

By Norman McFarlane 20 August 2014 Read Article

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