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Rocking in the rockies

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In the few days since I arrived in the Fraser Valley, located high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it’s been a whirlwind of trips down memory lane.  The bracing, thin mountain air is a tonic to the body, and the characteristic fleecy clouds gather every afternoon against the clear blue skies of summer, but the nights are always a bit of a shock to the system, hovering around zero centigrade.

I’m staying in a very old wooden cabin, which is historic for many reasons, most specifically because it was the home of one of the valley’s most beloved characters, Grandma Miller. The cabin is one of a cluster on a wooded hillside, called New Horizons, and it has been a source of great comfort to see that almost nothing has changed -– it is still filled with the artefacts that represent her life and extraordinary journey, and the countless lives she reached out and touched, including mine.

Exactly 19 years ago I came to live with her for an unforgettable summer, and through that most significant encounter, I met people who became friends for a lifetime. She died the following year, aged 96, and at the time I didn’t even comprehend what a privilege and honour it had been for me be under her wing at that turning point in my life.

Now that I’m back for a visit, I’m running into people I knew well during the nine years I lived in Colorado, and it’s as if no time at all has passed since this was my home. The fact that my time here coincided with the annual Blues From the Top festival this past weekend is spectacularly good luck, as I’ve been able to sit on the mountain slopes and watch some of the best blues bands in the country.

And at night I head back to that rustic log cabin, and to Grandma’s feather bed, and give hearty thanks for journeys that are also circles, bringing us back to places that were such an important part of life, and finding that love resides everywhere, impervious to time and distance. More to come next week, after a river rafting trip, and joining in the Fourth of July celebrations with friends.



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