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Joining forces

Lifestyle Section - Editors Letter

  Every week, when I peruse the weekly newsletter sent to me by our neighbourhood watch (NW) co-ordinator, the feisty and determined Annetjie Robertson, I’m reminded what a great privilege it is to have the watchful and vigilant eyes of a large number of people, who in many cases are volunteering their time and energy to keep neighbourhoods safe. 

By Carolyn Frost 21 May 2014 Read Article


Walkabout at Radloff Park

Lifestyle Section - Editors Letter


There has been a rumbling in Radloff Park during recent months, and as I’m there on a daily basis with my four-legged friends, I’ve been keeping my ear close to the ground, and chatting to other dog walkers, joggers, and families who congregate there.  The gist of the problems raised, is the following: Many owners do not stop to collect the dog poo and deposit it in the various bins – which has caused annoyance and frustration with residents who live on the perimetre of the park, and have to clean up their pavement lawns afterwards.

By Carolyn Frost 09 April 2014 Read Article

Starry nights and cool tunes

Lifestyle Section - Editors Letter


I may have touched on my love of music a few times over the years – something that has enthralled and inspired me since I was a child; listening to my parents playing their records and introducing me to the joys of classical, jazz, and the crooners who sang of love. We were all encouraged to play piano and guitar, and my mom took it upon herself to learn the double bass (not an instrument for the faint-hearted, given its dimensions).

By Carolyn Frost 02 April 2014 Read Article

Old friends, sit on a park bench like bookends …

Lifestyle Section - Editors Letter

  norman1-tFor those of us to whom the meandering river pathway at Radloff is a cherished daily excursion with our four-legged friends (granted, there are quite a few extraordinary three-legged ones too), there is a familiar and much-loved sight, at just about the mid-way mark. A sprightly gentleman, sitting on a worn bench, has become an institution over the quarter of a century –

By Carolyn Frost 05 March 2014 Read Article

Season’s greetings

Lifestyle Section - Editors Letter

  avontuur2-tUpon reflection, I've a feeling I am not alone in thinking that 2012 was a fairly turbulent year. And as it draws to a close, recollections surge – of events that shaped and defined this period, and the range encompassed ... joy, despair, outrage, disillusion, optimism, triumphs, endings, beginnings.

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Counting the cost of the floods

Lifestyle Section - Editors Letter


The  proposed flood alleviation measures for the Lourens River will cost R300 million, excluding the cost of bridge modifications required to ease the flow of water between the N2 and Beach Road, Strand in flood conditions, and levees and berms at various points along the river, according to Sub-council 8 chairperson Stuart Pringle.

Mr Pringle made this point during a debate at the Strand Council Chamber on Thursday, after a presentation on the impact of, and actions required, following the rainstorm and subsequent flooding which wreaked havoc in the Helderberg on November 15.

“In order to raise R100 million, the City would need to increase rates by 1% across the entire metropole,” Mr Pringle said. “While these measures are urgently required to mitigate the very real risks posed by possible future flooding events, the money still has to be found.”

The study, conducted by Professor Gerrit Basson (head water division and director, institute of sater and environmental engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Stellenbosch) revealed that the rainfall which occurred on November 15 and 16 resulted in a 14-year flood peak at about 2am the following morning,  adding that a 50 year flood event would have been 1.65 times greater in magnitude.

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